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Dream Catcher Menthol Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag

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When it comes to the Dream Catch Menthol, the smooth minty tobacco leaf is key. These luscious leaves are perfectly cut into even pieces in order to render a smooth, consistent burn. Refreshing to the senses, this milder smoke boasts a non aromatic experience while never overpowering the senses with either too harsh of a strength or too strong of a flavor profile. The tobaccos that comprise this impeccable recipe are perfectly cured, ripened and subsequently hand selected. Packaged tightly into resealable bags in order to preserve freshness and prevent the distribution of shake, this pipe tobacco has a long lasting freshness guarantee. Packaged conveniently in 6oz, 8oz or 16oz bags, this product is a fan favorite for the novice and the professional smoker alike.

Manufactured by Swisher International, Dream Catcher finds its home in Darien, Connecticut where it is grown on tobacco plantations that have extremely fertile soil.

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