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Dutch Leaf 2 For $1.29 Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2 Ripe Berry


If you love the taste of a fruity cigar, you'll love the newly released Dutch Leaf Ripe Berry cigars. These new cigars are made with only Cuban-seed tobacco that is 100% pure and a 100% natural leaf wrapper. Every cigarette burns evenly and effortlessly, giving a smooth mild flavor. The company also stands behind its products with over a century of knowledge. Dutch Leaf Ripe Berry cigars are an absolute must-try for any smoker!

The brand new Dutch Leaf cigar line by ITG Brands features a premium natural leaf wrapper, carefully selected for its quality and feel. Because there's none of the paper used in Dutch Leaf, it delivers an uncomplicated, natural smoking experience. The line is launched with three different flavors that come with a resealable two-pack pouch. The products are priced in advance to ensure a more smooth smoke.

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