Dutch Masters Cigarillos Crema Dolce 20 Pouches of 3


Embrace the essence behind the pure tobacco taste with the Dutch Masters Cigarillos Crema Dolce, bereft of additional flavors that usually sully the original, sought after taste. These goodies are cloaked in a gorgeous Homogenized Tobacco Leaf, which seamlessly conjoins the beginning with the end and features a solid all-around construction. The smooth and delicious aroma emitted from these smoke sticks satiates one 's cravings for a luxurious smoke in all of the right ways. On the inside, you 'll find a combination of the finest and ripest filler tobaccos from Peru, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Brazil creation a mouthwatering concoction that is hard to deny. These smoke sticks feature a mellow smoking profile, designed to treat your palate with optimal respect all around. Enclosed in pouches that preserve flavor and taste for extended durations, these Dutch Master Cigarillos Crema Dolce 20 Pouches of 3 is the ideal packaging solution for these masterpieces.