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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Sweet 20 Pouches of 3

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What other flavor can prevail over a delectable delivery of pure sweetness? This question should be rhetorical, for only the Dutch Masters Sweet Cigarillos can deliver the uncompromising quench for one 's tooth in ways that are much more to the point when compared to other flavors. So what makes these so special? Is it the gorgeous Natural Tobacco Leaf that encompasses the Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler tobacco, that leaves behind no traces of seams? Is it the homogenized tobacco leaf that binds the entire Sweet cigarillo together? We say it 's definitely a compilation of every aforesaid feature, for the parts are what make the greater whole.

This Puerto Rican goodness renders a mild in strength smoke that boasts an incredible flavor to strength ratio. Its light brown veneer is more of a gorgeous art that the smoker can scrutinize for hours, presuming he or she isn 't puffing on the goodness. WIth a size of 4.5 and a ring gauge of 28, each of these cigars comes with a resealable pouch for the purpose of freshness and quality preservation. Whether you 're looking to satisfy your cravings during your day off or top off a stressful day at work, treat your sweet tooth with this delectable product.

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