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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Red Berry 20 Pouches of 3


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The essence of perfection is contained within the Dutch Masters Red Berry Cigarillos, a product that allows the smoker to experience the flavor spectrum in its entirety. Infusing the senses with a tangy berry flavor that is reminiscent of wild berry bushes, each Red Berry cigarillo is designed to transcend one 's expectations of his or her smoking experience. Veneered in a beauteous Ecuador Sumatra Wrapper, this product boasts a gorgeous seamless cloak that shows off the company 's manufacturing capabilities. The natural wrapper burns slowly and consistently from start to finish, delivering an impeccable strength to flavor ratio. The delivered flavor is reminiscent of spices and sweetness, giving off hints that are mild in strength.

The dimensions are a convenient 4.75x28, allowing for a comfortable ring gauge and a length that makes it easy to transport these sticks anywhere. Made in the Dominican Republic, these products are infused with tobaccos from Puerto Rico as well. Stuffed with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler, each of these cigars gives competitive brands something to look up to. Packaged into resealable pouches, you can rest assured that the quality of your product will be preserved for long periods of time.

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