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Dutch Masters Foil Fresh Royal Haze 1.49 Cent Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2


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When you think of machine-made cigars Dutch Masters has long been a fan favorite. Established in 1911, they are famous for their smooth and mature flavor as well as their mild aroma and their comfortable burning. Dutch Masters also has a wide range of flavors in addition, Purple Haze has a huge assortment of these cigarettes, including the most sought-after among them: The Classic as well as Royal Haze

The tobacco used in the making of these cigars is produced in Cuba. The wrapper is made of pure Cameroon tobacco. This means that every smoke is infused with honey and grape flavors. The fillers made from tobacco are made of Cuban seed tobacco that is specifically grown to provide a mild flavor. This Dutch Masters Royal Haze has a pleasing, well-rounded taste. Its honey and grape flavors are natural and is a pleasant flavor, it's a little sweet.

Royal Haze Dutch Master is a unique blend of of flavors. It's a sweet smoke that has hints of earthiness. The cigar has been designed to have an extremely slow-burning cigar, which is not the case with other brand that use short fillers. The wrapper is constructed from natural tobacco leaves that is specifically designed for an extremely slow-burning smoke. They are made by machines and consist of Cuban seed tobaccos, as well as an homogenized binder.

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