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Dutch Masters Foil OG Fusion 99 Cent Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2


If you're a fan of Cuban-seed cigars, then you'll be delighted by Dutch Masters OG Fusion cigarillos. They are a smooth smoke that features a blend of Cuban seed tobacco and the natural leaf of Ecuador as well as Sumatra. They are sold in packs of 30 and contain two cigars per foil-fresh package.

It is said that the Dutch Masters name is synonymous with high-quality, affordable cigars. They are inexpensive and are often available at store counters and gas stations. Dutch Masters cigars were even featured in a number of hip-hop songs from the 90s. Different from others, Dutch Masters offers cigars to suit everyone's needs from novices to experienced smokers.

A Fusion collection of cigarillos from Dutch Masters is a great opportunity to try flavorful cigars without spending an arm and a leg. The line combines chocolate and coffee flavors to create a light and flavorful smoke. The tobacco used in the cigars is a nutty Cuban Seed tobacco. The natural wrapper gives an even texture and enhances the overall enjoyment. The cigarillo is the perfect option for regular smokers as well as casual smokers too. They are also available in air-tight, convenient pouches making them ideal for transportation and storage.

Dutch's cigar line offers many flavors like strawberry, chocolate and rum. They also offer cigarettes in five packs. Prices are affordable and are perfect for those who travel. Dutch Masters cigars are made in Puerto Rico by machine and are stuffed with Cuban Seed. The wrapper is smooth tobacco leaf that gives an opulent tobacco taste for the smoker.

The Dutch Masters cigars rank among the top coveted machines-rolled cigars that are available currently. These cigars offer a unique blend of aroma, taste and premium. They'll be your top cigar brand for a long time to in the future. You'll be able to enjoy the soft and smooth flavor and will never regret buying one!

It is believed that the Dutch Masters brand is a essential part of American culture. It's also linked to early television and the beginning in hip-hop culture. The initial Dutch Masters cigars were the first brand to be advertised on TV and soon became a popular choice for viewers. The brand's popularity is largely due to the Dutch-inspired design in the box.

Dutch Masters cigars are available all over all over the U.S. and are often available at tobacco stores. They are a top option for people who are looking for an enjoyable smoking experience at low cost. The cigars are cheap and come with a scent that will keep you content for a long duration. They are produced within the United States by Altadis USA and then rolled by Altadis USA in Puerto Rico.