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Gambler Pipe Tobacco Gold 6 oz. Bag

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To truly experience a masterpiece that perfectly eliminates the harshness of smoking, the Gambler Gold Pipe Tobacco must be ignited and inhaled. Made from the softest and finest Burley and Virginia tobaccos, this product is also Ribbon cut in order to facilitate a consistent burning experience. This blend is perfect for those that prefer to abstain from smoking flavors that render a harsher smoke such as those found in the full bodied pipe tobaccos. It is mild-medium in strength, so it is guaranteed not to be overpowering - a perfect experience for the beginner. Plus, it possesses a low flavor intensity, so the presence of non aromatic flavors will be subtle to the taste and gentle to the sense of smell, for it yields a low room note. Fit snug into resealable Seal-Tite bags that come in the sizes of 6oz and 16oz, Gambler guarantees the preservation of quality and freshness in its pipe tobacco.

Gambler is made by Republic Tobacco, a manufacturer known to hand-pick their tobacco after treating it with care.

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