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Gambler Pipe Tobacco Silver 6 oz. Bag


Sometimes it's a good idea to abandon harsh flavors and take delight in a milder smoke. For those times, the Gambler Silver Pipe Tobacco is a perfect choice. This non aromatic pipe tobacco renders a mild in strength smoke, where very little flavors have been added. Comprised of perfectly cured Burley and Virginia tobaccos, this product is a perfect choice for those that prefer to experience a lower flavor intensity. This pipe tobacco is Ribbon cut - a texture perfect for the pipe, for it burns consistently and slowly. It leaves behind a low room note, so those in the immediate surroundings should be of little concern! Packaged tightly into resealable Seal-Tite bags that come in the sizes of 6oz and 16oz, Gambler has successfully created a packaging solution that impeccably eliminates the distribution of shake whilst preserving the integrity of the contents, ultimately rendering long lasting freshness and quality.

Made by Republic Tobacco in the USA, Gambler is definitely a brand manufacturing pipe tobacco that is hard to match in quality.

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