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Gambler Pipe Tobacco Turkish 6 oz. Bag

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Taste a pipe tobacco that is perfectly sun-cured, using robust Turkish and Virginia tobaccos that yield an unblemished concoction. With a much milder flavor than its big brother, the regular blend, the turkish blend is a perfect choice for smokers that wish to experience a smoke that eliminates harshness. Made primarily from small leaf tobacco, the Gambler Turkish Pipe Tobacco stands out from its competition due to the unique way the manufacturer sun-cures it. With a Ribbon Cut texture, this product is a perfect match for pipes and rolling paper alike, traditionally offering a slow and consistent burn that is the perfect bang for the buck indeed. Gambler offers this product in resealable Seal-Tite bags that prevent the distribution of shake and immaculately preserve it for long periods of time in the state of great quality. exclusively features this product in the sizes of 6oz and 16oz accordingly.

Gambler is manufactured in the United States by Republic Tobacco, a famed brand that has been manufacturing high quality tobacco products for ages.

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