Game Vega Cigarillos Mango Foil 2 for 99 Cents 30 Pouches of 2


Embrace a recreational smoking experience with our new fan favorite, the Game Vega Cigarillos Mango. These beauties are either the epitome of sweet perfection, for they are built with the Candela Wrapper, or they are the quintessence of purity, built with the Natural Wrapper. So, what is all the fan hype about? Bursting with vivacious dessert-inspired fruity flavors, each stick features a savory combination that is impossible to eclipse by any other product. These sweet-tasting and smelling aromatic goodies are truly one of a kind, featuring a mellow strength, which is perfect for any beginner. These products originate out of the lands of the Dominican Republic, filled with the ripest Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler from top to bottom. Sized at 4.69 inches and carrying a ring gauge of 29, you can rest assured that your leisure will be spent in the essence of perfection. This particular flavor carries with it soul of the tropical mango, one that any aficionado would be dying to smoke!