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Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon Cigarillos 8 Pouches of 5

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Sometimes we have a craving for a drink, but quickly come to our senses with the fact that intoxicating ourselves with alcohol would be deemed inappropriate for our present settings. At times like this, we should explore our palate and intoxicate it without affecting the sobriety of our bodies. In this case, the Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon Cigarillos are the perfect solutions. These products are reminiscent of Bourbon Whiskey, taking on its flavor qualities perfectly. With all-natural short filler tobacco, these smoke sticks are made with the most wholesome and unprocessed tobacco leaves available. Veneered in a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that burns with consistency and steadiness, you can expect a great looking stick that renders the best smoking experiences in its class. Sized at 5.64 inches and gauged at 34, you need not look any further! Hidden away in resealable pouches, this listing contains 8 pouches of 5.

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