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Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Irish Cream Cigarillos 3 for $1.99 10 Pouches of 3


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For the lovers of a truly creamy, luscious smoke, the Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Irish Cream Cigarillos feature a tasty sensation without any compromises on flavor. What makes them special is the flavorful, aromatic blend they deliver to the palate, along with a medium bodied strength that comes with every ignition and puff. With a solid construction, you can expect only the best of the best smoking experiences and an amiable draw that keeps consistency from start to finish. These smoke sticks are wrapped in the finest Natural Wrappers that come straight out of the Dominicas, underpinned by years of expertise in cultivation. Each pouch is resealable in order to induce long term flavor and freshness preservation, featuring the best in its class foil material. If you're looking for the tastiest smoking experience, consider these products.

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