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Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic Cigarillos 3 for $1.99 10 Pouches of 3

$9.60 $11.99
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Remember 1882? It's likely that you said no, but Game said yes. Bringing back the classic flavors of the turn of the century, the Game Garcia y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic Cigarillos have been synthesized to deliver a flavorful, sugary taste profile to the palate. The Broadleaf Wrapper gently swathes the Dominican short filler tobaccos that are found on the inside, allowing for a gentle embrace of the lips upon every inhalation. These medium bodied masterpieces deliver a soothing and smooth aroma, reminiscent of toast and rich tobacco flavors on the finish. With a fair draw, each of these smoke sticks keeps a steady burn following the original ignition and pull. If you take delight in a sweet, caressing taste profile then look no further than this product. Sized at 4.5 inches and gauged at 32, one can easily take delight in a trendy, recreational smoke from start to finish.

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