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Game Leaf White Russian 1.29 Cigarillos 15 Pouches of 2

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The Game Leaf White Russian Cigarillos are the ultimate premier of the new flavor that has recently been released in order to captivate the senses of smokers world-wide. This flavor combines the essence of the Irish Crème and Mocha flavors together into one blend that allows of a creamy coffee-like smoke. Cloaked in an opulent Sumatra Wrapper, each of these cigarillos are evenly rolled and stuffed with the finest filler tobaccos that are grown to burn smoothly and evenly with every inhalation. Game Leaf has always been known to promote some of the best products to the online market and these are no different. This listing features 15 resealable pouches of 2, crafted properly to preserve the freshness and integrity of the ingredients on the inside.

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