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Garcia Y Vega Elegantes Cigarillos 5 Packs of 6


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Elegant and exclusive, the Garcia Y Vega Elegantes Cigarillos endorse a splendid physical blueprint, which blows other similar products out of the water. First off, many of its fans flock to its gorgeous Candela wrapper, cloaking the innermost goodies rather perfectly in order to yield a rich, consistent smoking experience. On the inside, you will find a fine concoction of Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler that is cut evenly and grown on farms that are supplied with ample rainfall and sunlight year-round. The binder is comprised of a homogenized wrapper leaf, which boasts a seamless aesthetic profile. Originating out of the Dominican Republic, these products boast a flavorful, aromatic profile that is hard to match with any other product. Its distinct taste will always bring this recipe out on top as a winner. With a length of 6.6 and ring gauge of 34, you will face an ultimately comfortable smoking experience from start to finish. This listing features 5 packs of 6 accordingly, packaged away for flavor and quality preservation.

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