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Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubed Cigars Upright 30 Pack

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Envelop your lips around a premium cigar that features an elegant taste profile beyond your wildest conceptions. With opulent filler tobaccos that are contained within the body of each smoke stick, you can expect nothing but tasty wonders and consistent smoking experiences. Cloaked in a sumptuous natural leaf wrapper, each product imparts a soothing natural tobacco flavor profile and a gratifying aroma. The Garcia Y Vega English Corona Tubed Cigars are a combination of tobacco leaves from several countries, both of which are known to feature fertile soils thanks to an abundance of rainfall and sunshine alike. For example, the succulent wrapper is originally grown out of Indonesia, whereas the origin of the Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler comes from the high-yielding lands of the Dominican Republic. The binder is comprised of a homogenized tobacco leaf, rolled to perfection seamlessly for a slow and uncompromising burn. With a mellow overall strength, these masterpieces are known to propitiate the senses with their delectable flavors without overpowering them. This listing features a box of 30, sealed away for the purpose of integrity and flavor preservation during long periods of time. If you're browsing for something new and elegant to add to your list of favorites, these English Coronas should be your next selection.

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