Gold Rush Blue (Light) Filtered Cigars 10 Hard Packs of 20


Let's steer towards something that is a bit on the lighter side, providing a slightly mellower flavor and taste profile. Introducing the Gold Rush Blue Filtered Cigars, fine American smoke sticks that are comprised of the fine Homogenized Wrapper Leaf that seamlessly swathes the mixed filler tobaccos that embody the filtered cigarette itself. Grown domestically and cured expertly, these masterpieces boast an immaculate amalgamation of high quality filler tobaccos that are cut in ways that allow for light, mild smoking experience that leaves a gentle aftertaste. The natural leaf burns slowly and smoothly all the way from the beginning to the end. With a specialized size, these 3.9x20 sticks are optimized for a shorter smoking duration that is tailored for recreational endeavors. Savor these filtered cigars with each puff, for you will never be disappointed.