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Gold Rush Green (Menthol) Filtered Cigars 10 Hard Packs of 20

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The Gold Rush Filtered Green Filtered Cigars are no joke. Swathed in a top of the line natural cigar leaf, these minty sensations offer a revitalizing smoking experience with every inhalation. Grown domestically with optimal care, these beauties feature the finest conglomeration of premium filler tobaccos that are cut to render a smooth, medium bodied smoking experience that leaves the senses satisfied without overpowering them. Light brown in color, the cloak is touched by an aromatic flavoring that features a sweet room note. Sized at 3.9x20, each of these minty sticks boasts a seamless design thanks to the homogenized wrapper leaf that features the beautiful design of these filtered cigarettes. With each puff, you can expect a cooling, minty sensation that will forever change your outlook on products that freshen the breath and cool down the throat. Try these now, for you won't be disappointed.