Gold Rush Original Red Filtered Cigars 10 Hard Packs of 20


The full power of a full flavored cigar is locked within the secret recipe of the Gold Rush Red Filtered Cigars. Made from the finest tobaccos that originate in the United States, these masterpieces are fermented to perfection whilst embracing a Homogenized Wrapper Leaf cloak that allows for a smooth, seamless design that serves as eye candy. Made to deliver a harder punch than their light version, these Reds imbibe the definition of the contemporary tobacco flavor. Fitted snug with a filter that omits many unwanted byproducts, these sticks deliver uncompromising quality. Fit to assimilate the dimensions of 3.9x20, you can rest assured that you can embark on any recreational journey without overpowering your senses. These products burn smoothly from start to finish upon every ignition and inhalation, optimizing the smoker's experience.