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Golden Harvest Filter Tubes 100 mm Full Flavor 5 Cartons of 200

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The Golden Harvest Filter Tubes Full Flavor 100mm have been the elite smoker's preference since their inception through this day. Thanks to Rouseco, its parent company, one can continue enjoying the finest quality available on the market due to the precision in their manufacturing, immaculate styling and extended durations in their burning when compared to similar competition. Produced in North Carolina, the American spirit continues to live on and shine when it comes to this product, offering zero compromises unlike some foreign manufacturers may. Thanks to 25mm filter tips, one can now expect that the combustion byproducts are finely filtered out of the smoking session, rendering a clearer than ever smoking session. These full flavored filter tips are equipped with the full bodied punch, a great addition in flavor to anything one fits the tubes with by sprinkling the constituents with a powerful sensation amid every inhalation.

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