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Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Full Flavor 10 Packs of 20

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Unlike their siblings, the Golden Harvest Full Flavor filtered cigarettes are full bodied in their smoke, delivering their infused flavor without any compromise. These cigarillos are not aromatic, providing the smoker with the naked taste and smell of natural tobacco. Made from domestic short filler tobaccos, these products are rolled in a homogenized wrapper leaf that perfectly flows into an attached filter. Golden Harvest has added a perfect system of filtration to their cigars, allowing for an impeccable elimination of any unwanted byproducts of combustion. Each of these products is 3.5x22 in their dimensions.

Homegrown in North Carolina, the perfectly ripened tobaccos that comprise these masterpieces have been enriched to their fullest potential and cured in order to prepare them for the delivery of flavor in all the right ways. North Carolina offers the perfect climate for tobacco growth due to its fertile soil and flawless delivery of sun rays coupled with the perfect humidity.

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