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Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Light 10 Packs of 20

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Good for the delivery of the natural tobacco flavor, the Golden Harvest Light Cigars are synthesized to fit the demands of senses that reside on more of the sensitive side of the spectrum. These non aromatic beauties are veneered with a homogenized wrapper leaf that is comprised of domestic, homegrown tobaccos. Hiding more homegrown short filler leaves within, these products are perfectly designed with a filter that nicely blends in with their machine rolled composition. Mild to the senses of taste and smell, these cigarettes render a very gentle essence of flavor. Their soothingly smooth, sweet natural tobacco flavoring leaves an unforgettable impression upon the smoker. Sized with the dimensions of 3.5x22, you cannot go wrong with these smokes when embarking on a recreational smoking journey.

Golden Harvest is a world renowned manufacturer of tobacco products that are domestically raised in North Carolina under the perfect climatic conditions. With one of the greatest combinations of fertile soils, humidity and sun exposure one simply cannot go wrong with Golden Harvest's products.

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