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Golden Harvest Mild Blend Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag

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Integrity is left uncompromised with Golden Harvest's Mild Blend Pipe Tobacco 6oz, a true pioneer in flavor and taste that delivers a promising medium bodied smoke from the beginning of the inhalation all the way to the end. Crafted to burn with incredible consistency, this product delivers a smooth smoke to the lungs that isn't overshadowed by any undesirable aftertaste, allowing for a clean burn with every inhalation. Cut evenly throughout, one can comfortably stuff this pipe tobacco into any roll your own or pipe in order to bless the senses to the extreme. Made in North Carolina by Rouseco, this light blend treats the senses with optimal respect without ever overpowering them, boasting an unprecedented delivery of flavor without the unwanted harshness attached to it. If you want a truly blissful experience, don't overlook this impeccable Golden Harvest product.

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