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Golden Harvest Robust Blend Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag

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The essence of true heartiness in flavor and strength in the delivery of the smoke is offered to you with the Golden Harvest Robust Blend 6oz Pipe Tobacco with zero shortcomings. This blend takes the natural blend to a whole different level, allowing one to embrace everything the tobacco leaf has to offer without downgrading its quality or strength of taste. This blend bestows the perfect balance of traditional flavor whilst rendering an unequivocally full bodied experience from start to finish. It's offspring, the exorbitantly smooth smoke that soothes the throat upon impact, is one that is tough to match when it comes to other manufacturers. Packaged tightly into 6oz bags that are developed in order to prevent the distribution of shake, this North Carolina goodness is domestically grown to perfection under immaculate climatic conditions. Try this product now, for disappointment will never enter your consciousness.

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