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Golden Harvest Silver Blend Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


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Even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the Golden Harvest Silver Pipe Tobacco 6oz is beautiful in the eyes of every beholder. This exemplary product is designed to treat the senses with a gentler touch than other blends, sufficiently extruding undesirable harshness by rendering a smoke that is mild in strength. Giving off virtually no aftertaste, this product can be enjoyed in combination with any foods or alcoholic beverages and be a compliment to any dish you can possibly come up with. Designed for those that wish to go easy on the senses, this pipe tobacco is diced into segments that fit roll your owns and pipes just right, allowing for incredible consistency and a slow burn with every inhalation. Smooth on the throat and lungs, one need not worry about overpowering their senses for this blend is perfect for the beginner or the experienced alike.

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