Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Sweet 10 Packs of 20


Some say the Golden Harvest Sweet Cigarettes are reminiscent of the sugary nectarine flower. Others say it's the sweetest cigar they've tasted and would easily prefer it as a substitute to their dessert. We say that this product is infused with a secret recipe that puts the senses of taste into a state of perpetual bliss; dressed in a perfectly concocted homogenized wrapper leaf that covers North Carolina 's finest short filler tobaccos, these beauties boast a medium bodied flavor delivery that overshadows their basic natural tobacco taste.

Golden Harvest has made them to be 3.5x22 in size- perfect for any occasion. Golden Harvest brings domesticated tobacco products to the market that originate out of North Carolina. They specialize in concocting products that burn smoothly and slowly, allowing for the best bang for the buck. With the perfect amount of rainfall, sunlight and humidity all of their products exceed contemporary qualitative standards and are truly the favorites of many aficionados.