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Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Vanilla 10 Packs of 20

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One of Golden Harvest's most popular filtered cigars remains the legendary vanilla flavor to this day. The Golden Harvest Vanilla Cigarettes boast a medium bodied flavor delivery that treats the senses with gentle care, whilst delivering the best of what the flower has to offer. Underpinned by a natural tobacco taste, these cigars are rather mild; however, their punch doesn't go unnoticed. Made with the top of the line homogenized wrapper leaf, they are fitted with a fully functioning filter and North Carolina's finest short filler tobaccos. Each 3.5x22 in size, the smoker shall embark on an unforgettable journey to the Vanilla gardens with each inhalation.

Made from domestic tobaccos originating out of North Carolina, Golden Harvest is one of the largest manufacturers to produce machine rolled cigarillos to date. With their products receiving the proper amount of sunlight, rainfall and humidity their tobacco leaves come from some of the most fertile soils of the world.

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