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Golden Leaf Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


Are you in the mood to refresh your sense of taste? The Golden Leaf Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco is the choice for you. Made from carefully selected tobacco leaves, this product offers a smoother smoke with a minty aftertaste. Packaged tightly into resealable bags, this pipe tobacco is guaranteed to preserve its freshness for a prolonged period of time. It's cut coarse, allowing the tobacco to perfectly complement both pipes and rolling paper. This minty masterpiece comes in the sizes of 6 oz for the conservative smoker and 16 oz for the more established smoker. Hand selected from a plantation in Texas, Golden Leaf is a new brand manufactured by its parent company, Global Tobacco LLC. Texas offers the perfect climate for the growth of Tobacco with its perfect combination of the sun, humidity and rainfall, allowing Golden Leaf pipe tobacco to burn and taste just right. This product is the aficionado's dream; for its taste, smell and room note are all simply impeccable.

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