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Golden Leaf Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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Those that take delight in a full flavored smoke, but wish not to experience some of the harshness of taste that comes with it should look towards puffing on some Golden Leaf Smooth pipe tobacco. This product is comprised of tobacco that is non aromatic, so one should never worry about it leaving behind a bothersome room note. Made from tobacco that is coarse cut, this product can adequately satisfy one's desire to smoke with both pipes and rolling paper, depending upon one's preference. Packaged conveniently into resealable bags that contain a zipper, this pipe tobacco is guaranteed to preserve freshness and quality for a long period of time. Offered in 6 oz bags for the more reserved smoker and 16 oz bags for one that is more experienced, this pipe tobacco aims to satisfy the pickiest smoker.

Produced by Global Tobacco LLC in Texas, Golden Leaf is a branch that offers only the highest quality tobacco leaves from a plantation that is located in the perfect climate - one that receives the appropriate amount of rainfall, sunshine and humidity in order to render the perfect growth for the tobacco leaves. This pipe tobacco is the perfect choice for anyone that wishes to experience a combination of premium quality and an amazingly smooth smoking experience.

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