Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag


The embodiment of perfection is reflected with the Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco 16 oz bags, a product that mixes convenience with the delivery of great flavor and taste. This medium bodied pipe tobacco is perfect for all occasions, fulfilling one's desire of experiencing a milder version of the contemporary natural tobacco taste. Grown on lands where fertility is possible due to a combination of fruitful soil, high humidity and ample rain this product is cut evenly into pieces which allow for an unhurried burn and steady blaze throughout the entire session. No matter what you wish to roll your gold pipe tobacco in, you will experience a delightful smoke with zero compromises. Great for those that are just starting out, this product inundates the senses in a mellow smoke that treats the senses with due regard, never eclipsing them with overpowering flavors. Packaged into re-sealable bags, the long term preservation of freshness is guaranteed. Buy 12 of these bags now and save 5% on your order!