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Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag

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Modern smokers focus on not just taste and quality but also the packaging. The 6oz bags belong to the smaller size spectrum of all of the Good Stuff tobacco products, rendering optimal convenience, which inadvertently leads to top notch satisfaction. The Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 6oz bags deliver the finest course cut texture, featuring the ripest products and the best packaging solutions. The Gold edition is the milder and mellower version of the natural pipe tobacco, softening the impact on the senses by driving out the stronger flavors that may overpower them. Known as the perfect product for beginners, this Good Stuff delicatessen burns slowly but surely. Whether you decide to place it into a roll your own, a pipe or any other preferred smoking medium you will notice the same great results and experience the same satisfaction rate. Packaged into re-sealable pouches, freshness and quality are guaranteed to be preserved for extended periods of time.

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