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Good Stuff Menthol Gold Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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For the lovers of the minty freshness that don't prefer to eclipse their senses with an overpowering tide of flavor, a new but tested product has arrived to the rescue. The Good Stuff Menthol Gold Pipe Tobacco features the same great taste and flavor as the regular blends that are tinted with menthol, however, with a much mellower profile that has a tendency to tread extra lightly on the senses with each inhalation. Perfect for conquering foul breath, this product soothes the throat and tames the senses. Placed into re-sealable 16oz bags, convenience and quality preservation are the first things that come to mind. Whether or not you're staying at home or traveling, you need not worry about your Good Stuff bags taking up too much room. And if you're an occasional smoker for whom the 16oz bags last a long while, you can rest assured that the re-sealable zipper will insure the promising freshness of your product for a very long time. Buy 12 of these bags now and save 5% on your order!

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