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Good Stuff Menthol Gold Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


This one goes out to all the menthol lovers worldwide, providing every single smoker that dares to puff it with a mild taste profile whilst eclipsing their senses with an arctic, minty freshness. The legendary Good Stuff Menthol Gold Pipe Tobacco features the best in its class delivery of a course cut tobacco that burns steadily and evenly no matter what medium the smoker uses to ignite it. From roll your owns to pipes, one can rest assured that optimal satisfaction will definitely be experienced. The 6oz bags in which this products comes in features a zipper that allows for the preservation of freshness for long periods of time. These bags are great for transportation too, being relatively small in size but still conveniently containing enough product to last the smoker for a while. If you're looking for top notch quality, this product is for you.

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