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Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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The great thing about the Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag is that the smoker can now experience a perfect, minty smoke without the addition of any undesirable pesticide-infused byproducts or third party flavor related undertones. With the mint pronunciation being clear as day with every inhalation, this perfectly cut tobacco demonstrates the delivery of impeccable freshness right at the doorstep of your senses every single time. No matter what you smoke this product out of, you will experience the same great taste every single time. Packaged conveniently into re-sealable 16oz pouches that are stitched with a zipper in order to preserve the freshness of the contents within, you can now travel stress free anywhere you'd like with your favorite product. For a limited time only, Buy 12 of these bags now and save 5% on your order!

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