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Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco 5 Lb. Bag

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The Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco 5 LB Bag is especially designed for those that smoke in bulk and wish to receive the highest discounted rates. You simply cannot go wrong with the purchase of this product. From the finest, hand picked tobacco leaves that are infused with the most delectable minty goodness to the coarse cut featured with every leaf you will find yourself immersed in a fresh heaven with every puff. Taking the natural tobacco taste and submerging it into minty leaves, Good Stuff has created a recipe, which is inadvertently a force to be reckoned with. Free of unnecessary pesticides, each smoke will taste very clean and soothing. Packaged into re-sealable bags for the purpose of flavor preservation, your 5lb bags will surely keep the contents fresh for long periods of time with zero compromises or dissatisfactions.

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