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Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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The lovers of the contemporary flavor of tobacco, which is inherently devoid of any third party flavors can now take delight in experiencing the definition of the best of the best. Introducing the Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco, a close relative of perfection when it comes to not only the flavor and taste but the convenient cut, one that is a great match for any preferred smoking methods. Devoid of any pesticides or additional flavorings, this product serves as a pinnacle of all medium bodied tobaccos in all of the best ways. Packaged into 16oz bags that are rather convenient for travel, Good Stuff has also afforded the consumer with the ability to peer within and see what lays beyond the plastic window. Stitched with a re-sealable zipper, the bag's contents are destined to be preserved very well for long periods of time. Buy 12 of these bags now and save 5% on your order!

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