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Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 5 Lb. Bag

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Big time flavor deserves big time packaging solutions. The full flavored Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 5lb Bag is designed for those that take delight in proficiently inundating their senses in full bodied tobacco, submerging their senses into an ocean of rich, emboldened flavors that haven't been watered down or tampered with the slightest bit. Cut into even parts in order to render optimal consistency despite the medium utilized for smoking, this pipe tobacco delivers the boldest tastes and flavors to the senses upon every inhalation. Grown on farms where fertility and rainfall is prevalent, you can only expect the highest quality product in each bag. Good Stuff designed their 5lb bags with a re-sealable zipper in order to provide the best flavor preservation possible by sealing them tightly and keeping air out.

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