Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag


Sometimes a delivery of harshness and boldness is not what the consumer is looking for. When it comes to those instances, the Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco is perfect. Giving off a very gentle and super mild smoke with every inhalation, the silver version is the watered down version of the other tobaccos that offer the same type of flavor. Watered down doesn't denote a compromise in quality, it means that your product will tread very lightly on the senses whilst delivering the same great taste. This pipe tobacco is good for roll your owns and pipes alike, burning slowly but surely in both. Packaged into convenient 16oz bags, each package is stitched with a re-sealable zipper that is optimized for long term preservation of flavor. With little aftertaste following the smoke and a lighter room note left behind, this is the type of product you will find yourself returning to over and over again. Buy 12 of these bags now and save 5% on your order!