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Good Times Napa Grape Flat Wraps Pre Priced 25 Pouches of 2


Good Times Grape flat wraps are an excellent option to add flavor to your cigarette or cigar. This brand is made of premium quality tobacco leaves that are compressed and come with a variety of flavors. You can pick from Strawberry, Blueberry, Fruit Punch, Passion, Sour Apple and many more. One of the best things is that these wraps aren't expensive and will satisfy everyone who smokes.

This brand is among the most sought-after cigar wraps that are available. It makes use of a unique blend of tobaccos that includes natural flavors, which makes these cigars delicious. The wraps that are flat are 4 1/2 by 28 inches, and come in handy box sizes of 60. They also offer good value since they are priced less than other premium cigarettes and cigars.

Good Times Grape flat wraps are produced by the Dominican Republic and come in 12 different flavors. 

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