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Harvester & Co Magnum Cigars, Bundle of 20


Drawing inspiration from the iconic British horse Harvester & Co. Cigars is a return to a well-loved brand that was popular in the beginning of the 1900s. These cigars are handmade and include some of the most exquisite Central American tobaccos. They are full-bodied and smooth and have a deep smooth flavor. They are a long and comfortable smoking experience.

The first time it was made within America. Originally made in the United States, the Harvester brand first gained acclaim in 1909, when it was trademarked. The first Harvester cigars were made using pure Havana tobacco, however, they've since been produced using a variety varieties of Central American tobaccos.

Characterized by the rich, creamy flavor with a smooth , silky finish. They are constructed well and offer an extensive and relaxing smoke.

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