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High Card Gold Pipe Tobacco 12 oz. Bag


Lighter than the Regular blend, the High Card Gold Pipe Tobacco is an exceptional blend that delivers a promising mellow taste that embraces the senses with a warm, loving sensation. The finest Burley and Virginia tobaccos comprise this Creme de la creme concoction. By delivering flavor in lighter proportions, this product renders a smooth smoke every time it is ignited. It does well when it comes to leaving a lighter room note behind as well, in order not to interfere with the senses of bystanders. It burns rather slowly and bestows a soothing sensation upon your senses. Delivering the same performance without subjecting itself to Pipe versus roll-your-own bias, this High Card Gold Blend is the perfect choice when it comes to the recreational pipe tobacco smoke. Whether you prefer the 5 oz or the 12 oz bags, the packaging system is especially designed for the long term preservation of quality and freshness.

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