High Card Regular Pipe Tobacco 12 oz. Bag


Introducing a full bodied blend that delivers a non aromatic smoke in all the right ways; the High Card Regular Pipe Tobacco concoction is made from the best in their class Burley and Virginia tobaccos that have been flue cured and air cured to attain a state of perfection. Cut to fit pipes and roll-your-owns alike, this pipe tobacco boasts an incredible natural tobacco flavor delivery that has been designed to appease the royal class. To add to its high quality, this product has been designed to burn slowly and evenly all the way to the end. The room note is low as well- this non aromatic blend doesn't interfere with the senses of those around you. Packaged in resealable bags, High Card produces 5 oz and 12 oz bags that are capable of preserving freshness and quality for prolonged periods of time. Unlike the Gold blend, the Regular Pipe Tobacco renders a mild to strong smoke in strength and is designed for those that crave the extra punch in their smoking sessions.