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Jackpot Cigarillos Mixed Berry 99 Cents Pre Priced 15 Pouches of 3


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Igniting and inhaling a Jackpot Cigarillo is definitely akin to winning a jackpot - the rush of ecstatic feelings through your body as you inhale one of the most delightful tastes you 'll ever experience and smell one of the most flavorful aromas you 've ever exposed your sense of smell to is definitely comparable to winning the lottery. These little cigarillos revolutionize the definition that has been attached to little cigars with their consistent, slow draw and their ability to preserve freshness for a prolonged period of time. With a selection of appetizing flavors on Tobacco Stock, these cigarillos will definitely cause you to fall head over heals for them quickly. They come in the flavors of Blueberry, Cherry, Cognac, Green Sweets, Mango, Mixed Berry, Pineapple, Silver, Sweets, Tropical Blast, Watermelon, Grape and a Variety pack of many popular flavors.

Brought to you by the famous White Owl, Jackpot is the new offshoot of a company that combines premium quality tobacco with innovation. Packaged tightly into pouches, their freshness and integrity is preserved for a long time, guaranteeing a blissful smoking experience. This manufacturer has brought you only the finest tasting cigarillos since 1887, produced out of Owensboro, Kentucky.

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