Joya De Nicaragua Joya Red Robusto Cigars Box of 20


Joya de Nicaragua's premium cigars are primarily contingent on formidable ligero leaves when it comes to imparting their pungent aroma. With the most recent blends, this manufacturer has been utilizing the bottommost tobacco primings in order to disseminate the preferred, primal flavors. This was done, however, in order to impart flavors that are arbitrarily more scrumptious than what other parts of the tobacco leaves would otherwise yield. These cigars contain long filler tobaccos from the most fruitful regions of Jalapa and Esteli, Condega, ensconced in a Nicaraguan Habano Wrapper that assumes a golden-yellowish hue. Thanks to this combination, this blend features flavors of toast, coffee, undertones of leather and overtones of pepper and roasted nuts. The fine Nicaraguan long filler burns with consistency and assuredness, featuring a medium bodied profile and a rather pleasant room note. Individuals looking to relish in a delightful, recreational experience should strongly consider igniting these masterpieces. Their artsy, delightful essence eclipses the competition in every possible way.