Largo Menthol Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


The revitalizing essence of the mint is packed behind the smoky rush of the Largo Menthol Pipe Tobacco, a product so fine that one's perceptual limitations are destined for absolute transcendence. Feel this essence rush through your throat like oxygen, soothing the senses and optimizing their sensitivity. Concocted from the finest balance of Air Cured and Brightleaf tobaccos, this product features an impeccable ribbon cut texture that complements both the pipe and the roll your own alike. Made to boast a mild to medium flavor and taste profile, this pipe tobacco is mellow enough to never overpower your senses. Grown on domestic farmlands that are veneered in fertile soil and blessed by ample sunlight and rainfall, you can rest assured that your product shall always be top notch. Packaged into resealable 5 oz bags, the quality and freshness of this product will be preserved for extended durations.