Largo Natural Pipe Tobacco 12 Pouches of 0.75 oz.


There's nothing better than coming home to something that brings out the true excitement out of your soul. In this case, we invite you to come home to the Largo Natural Pipe Tobacco, a platinum grade product that boasts the flavor that comes from tobacco as it grows in its natural habitat. Devoid of any third party flavors, this exclusive blend is comprised of the infamous Burley and Virginia tobaccos that have been grown to perfection under ample sunshine and rainfall. Mild to medium on the strength scale, this pipe tobacco appeases the senses in all the right ways without ever overpowering them. Packed into 12 pouches of 0.75 oz each, this incredible product is zipped into resealable baggies for the purpose of optimal flavor and freshness preservation. If you're looking for something that boasts incredible value whilst offering an uncompromising flavor, you should look no further than this Largo product.