Middleton's Black & Mild Apple Cigars Box of 25


Experience the taste and smell of a backyard apple orchard, exclusively from Black & Mild. With a mellow taste profile, these cigars offers a smoke that isn 't harsh at all and appeals greatly to those that do not take delight in strong, overpowering smoking experiences. The sweet apple taste that embraces your senses once you take a puff out of these cigars is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Wrapped and bound by the homogenized tobacco leaf, each cigar contains an impeccable blend of John Middleton 's pipe tobacco that has been cured and dried to perfection. Assimilating dimensions of 5x30, each cigar feels just right in the hand as your fingers wrap around the immaculately designed wrapper. Tobacco Stock offers this product in 10 packs of 5 or a box of 25 accordingly. Middleton 's does an impeccable job packaging these cigars in order to preserve their integrity. Try these cigars now - you won 't be disappointed!