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Middleton's Black & Mild Soft Cherry Vanilla Cigars 10 Packs of 5


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Have you ever contemplated mixing two legendary flavors together in order to reach ecstatic peaks of sensory perception when smoking? This should be your choice in cigars. The Black & Mild Soft Cherry Vanilla is a blend that yields a very mild smoke that is gentle on the sense of taste and aromatic to the sense of smell. Manufactured with a wrapper and binder that are both comprised of a natural homogenized tobacco leaf, these pipe tobacco filled cigars burn slowly and consistently. 5x30 in size, expect these legendary cigars to fill the room with an aromatic sensation of vanilla and cherry - a perfect reminisce of a satisfying dessert. Grown on a plantation that receives the perfect amount of sunlight, rainfall and humidity this product is concocted from tobacco plants that are of the highest quality; they are perfectly ripened. Tobacco Stock offers these cigars in a box of 25 or 10 packs of 5 accordingly.

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