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OHM Blue Pipe Tobacco 5 Lb. Bag

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Take delight in smoking a product that treats your senses with more compassion, gently soothing your throat with every puff. Rendering a mild to medium-bodied flavor profile, the OHM Blue Pipe Tobacco is the aficionado's and the beginner's fan favorite. Featured here is the 5 lb. bag, perfect for those that wish to save on large quantities provided they smoke regularly. Made from the ripest Burley and Virginia tobaccos, each blend features a smooth coarse cut that suitably fits any ‘roll your own’ or pipe alike, yielding steadiness with every burn. This product leaves behind a low room designed in order to guard the senses of bystanders. Stitched with a Fresh-Lock zipper system for the purpose of flavor preservation, each of these 5 lb. bags delivers an optimal taste under every circumstance. If you're looking for true quality from Chicago, don't pass up this opportunity to purchase from OHM!

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